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Born and raised in Haiti, after the 2010 earthquake, influenced by the vibrations of home, Gardy began to produce music, blending organic Haitian rara, konpa, and traditional sounds with electronic/house beats. In doing so, Gardy introduced Haitian expression into the modern musical world. He is recognized as one of the pioneer producers of the Afro House/Haitian House sound. Gardy’s reach extends far beyond the island, as he frequents cities like Dubai, Havana, Miami, Montreal, Toronto, New York, Dakar, Panama City, Los Angeles, Abidjan, Paris, Accra, Brussels... performing at established venues including U Street Music Hall, Djoon, Fábrica de Arte Cubano, Music Hall of Williamsburg, Pacha NYC, Space Miami, SAT Montreal, amongst others. He participated in Carsten Holler’s Prada Double Club Miami for Art Basel, the Winter Music Conference, New York Fashion Week for Donna Karan’s collection, the Festival International de Jazz de Port au Prince etc.

Over the years his music has been signed to Rizing Muzik, Djoon, Anjunadeep, and more; all bringing the haitian electronic sound to the world.


In 2013, Gardy launched an eclectic party series titled "No Passport" to unite the African diaspora in music and rhythm and to promote his culture to a diverse audience. Accompanied by drummers, dancers, live vocals, and light shows, an impressive line up of international DJs joined Gardy to grow the movement. He continues to create new concepts through the movement to reunite the different cultures that exist, creating a unification of arts on our planet.


Determined to deconstruct Haiti’s rhetorical incarceration with longstanding narratives of poverty and natural disaster, Gardy serves as an ambassador who promotes Haiti for its contemporary contributions.


His journey has only begun.

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